Discovering and Developing New Sources of Fresh Groundwater. Water is Life. BEAD is Water.

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Nevis – Island Administration Professional Reference

Nevis Island Administration
Ministry of Communications, Works, Public Utilities, Posts, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Environment.

Dear Sirs:

We are writing this letter on behalf of BEAD LLC, the groundwater development company with whom we have been associated since late 2007.

The Company has provided Nevis with groundwater sources that have raised the quantity and the quality of the water supplies for the country. In fact, there is a real potential to supply the entire country with ground water, thereby mitigating against any future issues as a result of storms such as hurricanes.

The new deep wells and backup generators ensure that water will be available immediately after a storm, instead of having the country rely on surface water, the sources of which can become contaminated.

The BEAD team, led by Dr. Roland Hoag, the inventor ofthe BEAD technologies and methodologies, is competent and forthright in its approach to meeting the water needs of Nevis; hence we have no difficulty in recommending their services.

Please feel free to contact us for any further details or clarification.

Warmest regards

Honorable Carlisle Powell
Minister Communications, Works, Public Utilities, et al
Nevis Island Administration