Discovering and Developing New Sources of Fresh Groundwater. Water is Life. BEAD is Water.

What we do...

“Subterranean Aquifer Systems” (SAS)

With previously identified groundwater aquifers diminishing, locating new sources of fresh water has never been more essential for countries to provide for their existing commercial/residential requirements and to allow for planned economic development. Existing treatment processes, such as desalination, dams and surface impoundments, are costly, environmentally damaging and highly vulnerable to natural and political risks. BEAD, LLC presents countries with a unique opportunity to access new sources of fresh water. This opportunity incorporates a process, whereby a proprietary knowledge of geology, hydrology and exploration techniques are combined to identify and develop major new sources of fresh water in deep, fractured bedrock aquifers.

These vast rainwater and snowmelt “SAS” are independent of surface topography and provide active groundwater recharge to underlying interconnected bedrock fracture systems that range in thickness from hundreds to thousands of meters. Wells are precisely located and drilled into these huge bedrock aquifers using proprietary techniques. The wells typically range in depth from 100 to 300 meters and yield from 500,000 to more than 1 million imperial gallons (4,546 Cubic Meters) per day (MiGD) each. Technical teams accurately described previously misconstrued and largely untapped fractured bedrock groundwater catchments ranging in extent from tens to thousands of square kilometers and extending to several kilometers of depth.

BEAD’s experienced-based exploration program, which comprises a combination of unique techniques, a “Toolbox” of technologies, and scientific disciplines enables crews to locate water in fractured bedrock. The BEAD Team employs digital elevation models (DEM) to study the terrain for subtle features associated with SAS occurrence and applies a process of geological mapping, geophysical surveys, hydrological modeling and recharge analysis.


BEAD Program


  • Increase in Economic Development – The country is able to guarantee a long term steady supply of fresh water for current or prospective developers or hoteliers.
  • NO Capital outlay – The entire capital risk for the project is the responsibility of BEAD.
  • NO Debt for the Country because NO upfront cost and consistent, uninterrupted water distribution.
  • Immediate Water Needs are fulfilled – BEAD will begin to fill the Country’s water needs within 180 to 210 days of the onset of its program.
  • Minimum Real Estate Requirements – BEAD can deliver 4,546 Cubic Meters (per Day) from an area that is 9.29 square meters.
  • Possibility of Expanding Water Delivery to the Cruise Ship Market – The BEAD water is rated as spring quality, which fills the needs of the cruise ship market.
  • Disaster Prevention (“Hurricane Proof”) – BEAD’s delivery system mitigates against disaster because the pumps are underground, the water source is below any surface disruption and all sites are equipped with backup generators when power is not available.
  • Proven Technology – Successful operational wells throughout the world. The BEAD Scientific team’s familiarity with the topography of most countries, combined with its advanced technological capabilities, will enable it to create new wells within a reasonable period of time.
  • A dependable water resource for the Country – The BEAD wells are an effective PRE-EMPTIVE plan for disaster avoidance. It replaces unpredictable surface water supplies with DEPENDABLE sources on a year round basis. Due to the depth and thickness of the rock, there is a natural cleansing action on the water, which provides a resistance to drought and contamination.
  • An increasing asset – At the end of the contract BEAD transfers to the Country, for $US 1.00, an asset that has greatly appreciated in value. Conversely, a Desalination Plant demands enormous capital outlay with expensive maintenance costs. The hot brine ruins the coral reefs and the plant must be rebuilt in 15 years or less.
  • BEAD – Local Employment – BEAD hires local engineers and managers to train and manage the business.