Discovering and Developing New Sources of Fresh Groundwater. Water is Life. BEAD is Water.

About BEAD...


BEAD, LLC develops previously overlooked, large ­scale sources of groundwater using its proprietary methods to locate “Subterranean Aquifer Systems” (SAS).

BEAD hires local in-country geologists to gather existing information about the history of the country’s watersheds, acquiring maps, drilling histories, etc. The local geologist works with BEAD’s Geophysicists and Hydrologists to map the ideal sites for drilling.

BEAD takes a long term view towards development and maintenance of water supplies for the public or private client. The company offers the client a long term contract to develop groundwater supplies of fresh potable water at extremely affordable rates, financed by BEAD. BEAD has selected Africa, Central America, South America, The Caribbean and Mexico as its targets.

BEAD Management:

CEO / Business Development: Michael Miville

Michael Miville – 30 years experience in business development worldwide. He has been an active and successful entrepreneur over many years.

Chairman: Larry Bouts

Larry Bouts – 25 years experience in multiple industries worldwide as CFO and CEO of multinational corporations. Currently, involved in developing new companies in the technology arena as an entrepreneur.

Exploration Manager: Jerrod Davis

Jerrod Davis - Mr. Davis has worked as a field geophysicist for 10 years on mineral and geothermal exploration projects worldwide. He has worked for BEAD since 2007 as Exploration Project Manager, using geophysics to locate deep groundwater sources.

Geologist: Ali D’Aguilar

Ali D’Aguilar - Mr. D’Aguilar has forty years of geological mapping experience in the Caribbean where he has developed numerous successful renewable resource groundwater wells.

Hydrologist: Claude Cormier

Claude Cormier - Mr. Cormier has twenty years of hydrogeological experience in the Caribbean and the United States. Mr. Cormier has directed groundwater projects that have resulted in some of the highest yielding wells on record.

St. Kitts/Nevis Site Manager: Glenford Joseph

Glenford Joseph - Mr. Joseph uses his extensive engineering background to manage the day-by-day BEAD operations in St. Kitts and Nevis.