Discovering and Developing New Sources of Fresh Groundwater. Water is Life. BEAD is Water.

Welcome To BEAD

BEAD LLC is a private company dedicated to the premise that nature provides fresh renewable groundwater in sufficient amounts to supply large population centers in selected areas in their growing need over a very long period of time at affordable prices. Countries and municipalities often find themselves strapped for sufficient water due to a host of reasons, including growth in population and a diminution of the capability of older water facilities.

BEAD LLC deploys superior geological and hydrological methods to map the most favorable geological formations, and then supervises the drilling and fitting out of the well and pipeline infrastructure required for significant fresh water supplies to local water authorities.

BEAD LLC is an environmentally conscious company that will only undertake projects where the water recharge rate from rainwater is above the pumping level in each well, thereby totally assuring the integrity of the underground water supply.